As I had been aware that the Slingerland Drum Company had produced Drums and Accessories catalogues some considerable time ago these naturally became items that I wanted to also add to my collection, especially as Gene appeared on the front cover of every catalogue from the 30’s through to 1967; some endorsement!!

These were however not easy to obtain and I am eternally grateful for my late Uncle who purchased the vast majority of these for me.

The guide that I used was The Slingerland Book by Rob Cook which I bought during 1996, and then his second edition which came out during 2004.

various Gene Krupa catalogues

Worthy of mention is the Slingerland envelope complete with 1955 Chicago postmark, with nice front and back logos together with original invoice and bill. Note the Silver Grey 30’s( Gene King of Swing ) catalogue cover, which is not in Rob Cooks book, and I have two Catalogues for 1955, dated January and November.

gene krupa rare catalogue

However my great friend Brooks Tegler has spent several years now studying the catalogues and drum equipment that Slingerland produced ( as well as studying Gene Krupa’s drums and complete hardware that he used from the beginning through to the end of his life ), and with my interest in attention to detail and accuracy his awaited book will confirm the exact and precise dates of the Slingerland catalogues which will without doubt surprise many of you amongst many many more significant facts that will for the first time be available to read!!
I myself cannot wait as more jigsaw pieces in my quest for Krupa facts will finally be available; and space has already been made available next to the Russ Connor books and Jon Hancock’s book regarding the BG 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert as Brooks work will be on a par with these.